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How Genesis Contradicts Roe v Wade

The way human life begin and how it develops is still not yet known to most of the people. There are lots of misinformation and misinterpretation going around about how human life is began and how it develops. is a matter that have been not ubdrr|Understanding the Bible more so the book if Genesis is not an easy task as one may tend to think. You will need to work with a team of professionals who have th6 under and ability to know deeper under of the Bible. You will noe that there are many professors and doctorates in the word of God who can help you come up with the right interpretation if the book of Genesis in particular.there are a number of subjects which have attracted a serious debate as far as culture and religion is concerned. You will note that some if theses subjects are not easily understood by most of the people across the globe hence requiring an engagement if a team of experts who understand the Genesis as a whole.

Before the Bible and scriptures came to be the interpretation of the Bible was so much different and unknown to most of the believers. Interpretation of the term life was also different and unknown mire so to where it began and how it came to be. There was also lots of misinformation and misinterpretation of the the term life before the conception if the scriptures. In most instances human life is assumed to start at birth which is not so much correct according to the scripture. The genesis if it all is that life begins at conception until delivery is reached. Application if theories and other discoveries have been continuing which resulted to the solving of math enigmas in the book of Genesis. The first enigma according to the scripture is that only a few of the people across the globe knew that life existed. On the other hand, others believed that it had not been found at all. You will note that this is the time when Genesis came in to make more discoveries bringing to board that life begins at conception and the reasons why humans age is termed from the birth.

You will also nite that the scriptures goes further to indicate that in mathematical terms motherhood, fatherhood, and childhood lives also behind together at the time of conception. This makes it more clear when it comes to the interpretation of the scriptures and how human life mathematics are solved easily. This is the best way readers from across the world could understand the human life and its interpretation. But the book of Genesis somehow brings a contradiction with the what the U.S. Supreme Court’s Roe v. Wade interpret human life. In General terms the scriptures clearly supports the Pro-Life.This have triggered lots of debate to ah extent of many discoveries being established. Most individuals and professors have come up their own research and discoveries concerning human life and how it begins. Some of the discovery support the book of Genesis while others support the court.

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