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Different Types of Towing Services

What exactly is towing service? Towing service, simply means that the motor vehicle owner pays an agency in exchange for their use of a towing service. The towing service is then reimbursed by the insured owner and provides the car for rent. A towing service can be located and contacted through several means, including online and traditional yellow pages.

The first towing service is typically the vehicle wrecker. This type of towing is used most often for towing disabled motor vehicles, which are more commonly known as handicapped or wheelchair accessible vehicles. This towing method is also commonly used to tow away boat trailers. A boat trailer is a large plastic or metal box that holds many objects and usually contains a motor. Boat trailers are often left floating in the water and are not secured with any kind of a roof. A towing service using a boat trailer is referred to as a marine towing service.

The second type of towing service is the towing conditional use permit. A towing conditional use permit is a special license provided by the Florida Department of Financial Services that is required before towing can be done. The towing conditional use permit is effective when a tow trucks can access private property without going through a public towing outlet. Towing cars and other vehicles on private property requires special permission from the homeowner, because most homeowners own their land, and do not allow any kind of towing on their property.

The third type of towing service is the towing invoice recovery. A towing invoice recovery service is generally used when the car owner is unable to pay for their damaged vehicle immediately. Most insurance companies require that owners pay their towing invoice at the time of accident, and if the damage is beyond the estimated value, they demand full payment immediately. Towing companies recover this money from the car owner, through legal means, through holding the car accountable.

One last type of towing is the non-owner towing. A non-owner towing service is a company that owns a wrecker and has special coverage under a special permit issued by the Department of Financial Services. Non-owner towing services shall only tow cars under the condition that the car will be held at a garage for a period of time after the wrecker has paid the car owner’s insurance company. This is a legal requirement, and towing companies are required to abide by this policy.

Towing services may choose to use a variety of methods to haul away damaged cars and other towing vehicles. If more options are available to them, they will offer it to you. Most wrecker services shall issue a conditional use permit to the car owner before towing away the car. This conditional use permit should be kept in a safe place, accessible to all, so that nobody gets a chance to get their hands on it later. This is done in an effort to discourage illegal towing.

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